I published a video instructable, several days ago, and it does not come up in searches/recent projects

Hi all
I have been having problems with adding step-by-step instructables using explorer, so I decided to play around with my Girlfriend's computer.  She's using Chrome.  I added a video instructable days ago, and it does not show up in the recent technology section or in searches.  It is not available for anyone to see.  Is this still browser related?  Why am I all of a sudden having so many issues with this site?


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Kiteman6 years ago
The only video I see on your profile was only published yesterday, and HQ staff (the ones who clear the filters) will not yet have started their day's work. Have a little patience.

EngineeringShock (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
I'll be patient, but it worries me, as I have been having so many problems publishing lately. I can't search it either.
It won't show up anywhere except your orangeboard until it gets through the filters.

If you're concerned, send an email to service@instructables.com

DJ Radio6 years ago
Your video was caught in the ibles filters because you had some keyword in there that triggers it. It will probably show up next business day.
frollard6 years ago
I see a nov 9 video ible in your page, so its uploaded and public, but not in the main listings yet -- perhaps because its video it hasn't had a chance to be screened by a human yet.