I really need a funny school prank before june 6th

I would appreciate any ideas for a prank at my school. ANY ideas?

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My friends are getting me mad everyday by stealing my stuff is there anything pranks i can do to them in school to get them back?

Rather than prank them, speak to a member of staff.

I don't want to get them in trouble though they were just playing around.

If they're doing it every day, and you don't enjoy the joke, then it's bullying and they need to be made aware that it is unacceptable.

well I have a little group if friends that always play pranks each other at school one of them is a boy and we like each other and the other likes him too so we decided we would pretend to date and after a week tell her it was a prank

quintync2 years ago

put fake eviction notice on the door of someone you hate

hay anyone i really need a prank to do to this girl i hate got any ideas anyone? plz :D
hey my name is Katniss i got an awesome prank you can do. So if your in any of her classes make up a random note and when its queit shout ewww you like (nerd or geek guy)him!!! and shout it out so every one can her you and say eww omg you like fregly! gross!

I would like that I am freinds with a lot of geeky and nerdy boys :) Lol

BenP52 years ago

1. Get flour

2.put it in your enemies parents car

3.Write your welcome mom/dad on note

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