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Hey, everyone. I don't build enough, but it's summer and I haven't heard back from anyone on a job yet, so in my free time I decided to build a little more tonight. I was trying to make something new and innovative to get back into the game, but I'm still rusty, so I fell back into my comfort zone. The result is that instead of having a flashy reentrance, I just improved my Oodassault pistol yet again. I should be done with it, I know. Really, the 3.8 was good enough and honestly the only reason I worked on this was so I'd have something to present for the first time in a while to let you know I'm still trying. I'm hoping to make more worthwhile things in my free time this summer. Anywho, changes from the 3.8:
-Spacers on the front of the handle for better comfort
-Changed back to be tighter around the firing pin
-Changed safety to allow comfortable grip around the handle without the safety getting in the way
-Changed magazine to be smaller, stronger, and hopefully more reliable. Still has locks back and has locking pin for individual loading but can also use my 10 round stripper clips for fast loading. Holds twelve rounds total if not using clips.

So yeah, that's it. It's still my pride and joy. It's compact, it's durable, it gets the job done, it's my weapon of choice for war not out of bias but from proven performance as well.

Have any suggestions or requests for other projects? Have any other random questions on me? Just want to chat? Go ahead and post below.

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TheDunkis (author) 4 years ago
Mkay, so I have a few different ideas going. I'll have a little more time the next two weeks to build so I'm gonna get what I can done. My current ideas in order of likeliness:
-Short turret weapon. I made an oodammo pistol once using my newly found trigger to make it pretty short. This was also the one time I tried a turret. However, the overall weapon was ugly. I'll change it up a lot using inspirations from other TR weapons to finally make my own that'll hopefully be the shortest and most piece efficient one. Honestly, I'm doing it because it'll be extremely easy.
-Short pin lever action. I'm not entirely sure I could pull this off but I basically had the idea to use a short pin with a lot of bands. I'd then use a lever to cock it. I'm hoping the result is a lever action that actually gets decent range. Whether I could turn it into an effect repeater will yet to be seen, assuming I even get far enough to making a lever action.
-Compact bolt action. Simple, I want to make one as compact as I can. I've just had troubles fitting everything together how I want. I'll give this a go after the other two if I'm still motivated.
If I could persuade you to, I wouldn't mind seeing a compact bolt-action.
TheDunkis (author)  TheAwesomestDude4 years ago
Me neither. The main thing is that Zak is likely going to improve his ZKAR once more. So to be different, I'd probably try using a body similar to my Oodassault to make it as compact as possible. Removable magazine will probably happen too, though it may not be roofed like I was hoping.
TheDunkis (author)  TheDunkis4 years ago
And now that I think about it, I think I really just want to find a new method to chamber a round and use only one barrel as that would save a lot of hassle once I finally come up with a new method that's just as reliable.
Even better lol
Ok thass fine
Ok thats fine with me lol
Nice improvements, and it'd be really cool to see you post something new and not revised. Although, the revised stuff is nice, too; I wouldn't mind either way, and really... you should do whatever you want. Don't listen to me; I'm crazy. :3
TheDunkis (author)  DarkOwlProductions4 years ago
So I've heard. =P Yeah, once this weekend pops up, I'll attack the bolt action once more.
Awesome. I'll be looking forward to seeing it! ;D

I'm absolutely insane, TD, not just crazy!
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