I shot myself with a bb gun......HELP!

I accidently shot myslef in the hand with a bb gun. I now have a .177cal copper bb lodged a few centimeters in my palm, just under my middle finger. Its restricting any movement of that finger and hurts alot. Besides seeing a doctor, does anyone have any suggestions?

*24 hour update*
Hey dudes, thanks for all of your helpful suggestions. I would go to the ER but I'm deadly afraid of doctors, nurses, dentists, and the like. So, at about 4:45pm (pacific time) today, I attempted to extract the bb myself. first off, I took and hanful of cottonballs and stuffed them in my mouth to muffle the screaming. Then, I went at it with an ear-wax remover I picked up from the local chinese pharmacy.

*48 hour update*
At about 8:00am this morning, I succesfully extracted the bb with a small wire fashioned into a loop <=========. yeah, sort of like that. Needless to say, it hurt a bunch. It is now 11:30am same day, and my hand is already feeling better (duh). And (though still painful) I can move all of my fingers. The way I see it, I'll be totally healed in a few days. Hopefully.

*One Week Update*
Its been about one week from the day I shot my hand and I'm happy to report that I am now without pain and Infection-Free. Thanks everybody for all the helpful suggestions. Even though in the end I used my own way of dealing with the problem.

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Andrew54610 years ago
shouldn't it be a 48 hour update? Anyways, glad to hear your hand is now BB-free and you can move your fingers, even if you did accomplish this in the most ill-advised of ways. Be sure to keep it as clean as possible. You are at extreme risk for infection, and infections can be far more damaging than the initial wound itself.
He really still needs to see a doctor.... If it was going to get infected... it's already happened and incubating.... Especially if it was in there for more than a day o.0 The doctor will probably just write a script for antibiotics. In any case... I hope the significant risk of loosing your fingers was worth "muffled screaming."
antibiotics wouldn't be good...he just needs to keep it extremely clean by using some of that stingy stuff, keep it bandaged. How big is the wound? Big enough to benefit from stitches?
I'd be pooring Hydrogen Peroxide into the wound... Being one of the hundreds of thousands of US Americans that earns too much to have government supplied healthcare, but not enough to be able to afford medical coverage, a doctor would be about the last thing I'd search out.
morren LasVegas10 years ago
Being in the US means that every doctor (at every -hospital-, ER or general admission) is required by *law* to treat you, even if you cannot pay.

Sure, you will get a bill that will last forever...

...but you'll be alive.
LasVegas morren10 years ago
Sorry... I don't believe in using anyone's services that I cannot afford, unless it's a mater of life and death. I assure you that if I had a heart attack, I would be treated up to the extent that I might die without a lot of pain. I would not be treated as someone that could afford a transplant or an incarcerated criminal.
morren LasVegas10 years ago
That's not the gumment's decision though. The bottom line is that it's *there*. So, please, don't go spouting about how you earn too much to have government supplied healthcare but not enough to afford coverage..

Because coverage is still *physically* there. I think what you may have meant to say was that you do not earn enough to afford the *level of* coverage *you* desire.

Which still, don't get me wrong, stinks. I've been there before, believe me. Dental plans anyone?
LasVegas morren10 years ago
It is the government's decision. This government is so proud that they've managed to institute National Heath Care in Iraq, but don't think it's important in their own country. Of course it's not important. The people in charge, don't need it!

I have No coverage. Like hundreds of thousands of other legal citizens of this country, there is no coverage physically there. No level of anything. If, for some reason I need emergency care and it is deemed indeed an emergency, I will get it. Of course, I will have to pay for it afterward at the expense of my home and lifestyle. Afterward, I will receive no follow up without cash up front.

This is a fact of life for hundreds of thousands in the USA. I've accepted it. If I ever did need some major surgery, I could commit a felony. Then and only then would I be assured the healthcare I would need.
morren LasVegas10 years ago
My fiancee is recieving care for breast cancer. There will be surgery in May, I think. (All depends on the last half of the treatment, etc.) I can't tell you how many financial support programs I have been advertised in the doctor's offices. And, for the record, we have visited the ER on more than once occasion. Also on that record, we have hit the "insurance" limit on things and the cancer center has helped us out, greatly. They haven't for us, but they will for some just cut a check! We have coverage through work, yes, but my point is this:

-ER coverage is still coverage.
-Financial Aid is there as well. No, not goverment financial aid, but support group aid, but aid from the cancer center itself coverage.
-*NOBODY* Will ever deny you coverage, especially if it has come through an ER. Don't be afraid of it, look into it. Ask someone behind the desk, and believe it or not, most will work with you. When I lacked actual coverage, I did this with a dentist. It was no where near emergency work, but work I wanted done (a crown) and he did it via payment over time... (And most are happy to bypass the insurance groups too)

What you are saying is what I used to say about college. I used to say that I made too much to get any sort of funding to help me along. It's only 10 years later that I realize if I looked harder I would have found something to help me along.

I don't mean to sound mean, especially with the "be nice" policy below the reply window here. I just want to say that coverage is there, sometimes you have to fight for it, but it is there.
LasVegas morren10 years ago
As to college.... (ah! don't get me started!!!) Ever wonder why it seems 7 out of 10 doctors are aliens in USA? It's because our gov't sponsors students to USA medical school from other countries. They don't sponsor Americans.
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