I spend too much time on this forum.

I spent a little too much time on this, "random fun" forum. What about you?

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ll.138 years ago
I spend too much time on this forum

Congratulations, you've diagnosed the problem, now to execute the cure.

-Switch of your computer, (Menu>Shut Down>Shut Down), switch off your monitor, throw your keyboard into the closet and walk away.
Go for a walk, go to the mall, go to parties, your computer has no future.
Radioactv Biohazard (author)  ll.138 years ago
You should be a doctor.
I shouldn't be anything. I am everything. on the internet
FaqMan ll.138 years ago
Your not everything Instructables is everything.
Keith-Kid ll.138 years ago
On the internet, my dog is a 26 year old lawyer named Mark. He has 7 matches in e-harmony.....

what did mom do to you as a kid...
DAMN YOU ! i lol'ed in the middle of geography when i was supposed to be writing an essay, now everybody thinks i find river management hilarious. Hahaha :D
River management is hilarious! Have you ever tried to manage a river? It doesn't listen to instructions very well...

Maybe you can become a hydrological engineer when you grow up :-)
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