I submitted my instrutables into contest but it isn't showing up?

I submitted my instrutables but it isn't showing up? It said pending, but now says no entries.. Anyone have an idea as to what is going on? Thanks!

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My entry to the EL wire contest still has not showed up - can I get an explanation from an admin?
In case you he doesn't see this, you could private message fungus amungus moderator with the PM function in the profile area.

I'm thinking you have a video, although a complete instructable here is considered fully broken down documented written steps in which a video is to supplement the text.  The video is good though but not qualified as an entry into a contest that does not specify that videos and slideshows are allowed.  Good luck.
Same with mine. I entered like 30 minutes before the deadline so I'm still hoping it will go through :/
It's in!
whew, that was a close one. Thanks!
caitlinsdad7 years ago

ou might want to go back and edit your instructable to include a picture on your intro.  It may have been put in the review queue for incomplete status where the staff will review it when they get back to work Monday, pacific time.  There is also a wait for the contest moderator to review it before adding to the contest.  But be patient a bit, don't worry your instructable was time-stamped when published to still be valid for the entry.  Good luck.
That's right. I just saw it and it needs an intro image to be published. It will still be eligible for the contest as well.