I think I'm being discriminated against because of my bicycle. What should I do?

At our school, they let you drive your car around the parking lot at lunch. Well, I ride my bike. So I ride around just like all the cars do, not bothering anyone, and they keep telling me to park it or leave. They never do this to the cars. They already discriminate against skaters (roller skates, skateboard), and scooterists(is that a word?). They put up a sign that says No skateboarding, no rollerskating, or riding scooters on campus. Well, that worked fine, people rode the afformentioned vehicles up to the campus, stopped, and carry them through, until the school staff started to grab the vehicles directly from their arms (I rode a skateboard once on a Friday, my first skateboard, just got it the night before, I think. I had just learned to skate, was carrying it, they snatched it, and hurt my arm with the griptape. They wouldn't give it back, so I protested after school. They kicked me out of the buiding, and I never got it back until Monday). Now it seems they are starting with bikes. They even took my bike once and put it where everybody in the school could do whatever they wanted with it. If they don't allow bikes at school, then I will have to quit, because I have no other transportation. What should I do?

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anishi6 years ago
i think the simplest and fastest way to convince is to get locale/district PTA equivalent involved. my reasoning? people on PTA's tend to love to fix (or should i say "fix") things. :)) [no offense was meant to PTA members{particularly my father}]
extremegtafan (author) 9 years ago
Things just exploded and I risk getting suspended over sitting on my bike. I am writing a speech now to defend myself.
:( Why?
extremegtafan (author)  bumpus9 years ago
Sorry. Forgot to post back. I wrote my letter type thing, gave it to the assistant principal, and now I'm not in trouble.
Thats good.
I used to have issues with my bike at school, no actual lockup area and a bunch of tossers where you could get them to the fence... I never did get bike racks, I also got told off for no dismounting at the gate without knowing that it was a rule... (no signs) I displace the band of tossers easily by way of smoking - seems weird but it was just about doable to get away with, a couple of days, the staff then watched that spot carefully and that eliminated the vandalism issue. I still get some abuse for riding a bike, it doesn't phase me since it's my primary means of transport and I beat the buses home from tech consistently, not only that but look out for fellow bike riders, groups of bicycles parked up are safer as it makes vandals more obvious, plus it lowers your own personal risk as there are other targets, it's a sad way to think but if there's easier gain nearby your bike is much less likely to be attacked. Also quick releases, add one to the seat and take it off the bike, it leaves little to be attacked if you take it off and chuck it in your bag, or in my case carry it, you get weird looks and one person did try stealing it from my hand, sadly for him they make a great club.
stealing it from your hand?!? people are crazy...
extremegtafan (author) 9 years ago
Don't say walk, I live a mile or so from the school.
A mile is not very far (though I admit that it's a more comfortable biking distance than walking distance.)
I live about 2-2.5 miles. Takes me 35 minutes to walk. Get over it
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