I think I've been spammed.

I just opened my "you" page and was pleasantly surprised to find a new subscriber. When I clicked on the new avatar, I found what appears to be a page dedicated to the promotion of a product called Sakrete. This is also the username of my new subsciber, and the sakrete logo is the avatar. Anyone else have this on their page? Please do a member search for Sakrete and tell me what you think.

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Kiteman6 years ago
I guess you could call "Sakrete" a corporate member - not everybody here is a real person doing their own thing.

Some members use the site as a (not very) subtle way of promoting their product.

What you saw was Sakrete's member page, because all their published instructables have been on how to use their product.

You could interpret that as "spam", except that you can follow their instructions when using materials from other suppliers.

I can think of at least three other reasonably-active members who are also companies - an LED supplier, a paper model maker and a silicon-rubber manufacturer.

That's fine, because they don't plaster adverts everywhere, and they also give useful advice to other members, which Sakrete's comments show they also do.

All of which is a ridiculously long way of saying; no, it's not spam, it's a subscription from a normal member.

caarntedd (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Did you read some of the comments on the instuctables? Sakrete answers  them with " you could do it that way or you could use sakrete something or other to do it." I don't like it. Sounds like sneaky advertising. I flagged the sakrete instructables. How do I remove the subscription?
You can't remove subscribers; you can stop subscribing to users to whom you have subscribed.

Having someone subscribed to you doesn't affect your account at all (unless you click on their profile). They don't get any privileges to e-mail you, or rate your I'bles, or Feature you, or do anything else "special."
caarntedd (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
I PMed them and asked them to remove the sub, and they did.
It was established way back in the early, dimly remembered days of Instructables, by Eric himself (holy be thy name), that it's okay to pimp a product, so long as it is done in an instructive manner.
caarntedd (author)  Tool Using Animal6 years ago
caarntedd (author)  caarntedd6 years ago
BTW Have you fixed your headlights yet?
Ha, yes - it ended up being a loose connection inside the rocker switch.
Kiteman, I just re-read this comment of yours. Did you really mean to write "they don't plaster adverts everywhere" about a cement manufacturer? That's worthy of Goodhart or myself ;->
As Goodhart would say...

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