I think Randall Munroe is running out of ideas..

I think Randall Munroe of xkcd is running out of Ideas.

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Kiteman8 years ago
(checks) Nope -that disturbing thing you see is called "colour".
Every time I see the British spelling my brain yells "Call Hour!!!" At least "Call Or" is closer to the way it's really pronounced. Is there a forum where we're SUPPOSED to kvetch about this??
Hi Molten, do you pronounce "solder" without the "l"? L
I always include it! It's just silent... How do you pronounce it?
With the "l" of course, where did the "silent l" thing come from? L
Probably the same place as other silent letters: H... E... Double K!
Apparently Great Britain is the only place in the world that still says it that way... And you guys leave out so many other important consonants!
I think maybe there was a typo on a popular brand of soldering-iron, or perhaps the technique became popular in a State where the local accent / dialect didn't sound it. And then everyone else followed what those people were saying?<br />I find the etymology has soudure and souder in it, but I don't know.<br /><br />L<br />
It's probably the Queen.
Every time she mispronounces something, you all have to change your diction.
I think you're getting us confused with Spain :)

Aww, I was hoping you were from the UK so I could ask if you came from Bolton, I see that spoonerism every time I read your name.
ME TOO! LOL! It makes my name so ironic.
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