I thought this lego build was awesome

My husband saw this video on u tube about a Lego contraption I thought was so cool. 

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JonnyBGood5 years ago
Wow, someone has freetime on their hands... Not ! This thing probably took a few weeks at least to build!!! Extremely Awesome! If had the Programable systems to make somethin like it I would.
Just about a month, 25 days. 600 hours.
Yeah a little more time than I want to spend on a project.
Kiteman5 years ago
Take that KNEX ball machines!
monsterlego5 years ago
WOOOOW! thats epic
M.C. Langer5 years ago

Amazing. Simply amazing! Thanks for posting!
Thank that you with regard to posting this particular, I believe it was downright amazing!!
Conker-X5 years ago
It reminds me of the droid factory under the surface of genosia featured in episode 2 star wars films
SIRJAMES095 years ago
that is someone with:

1) too much free time

2) either is or should be an engineer

3) has a lot more smarts than I will ever have

Thank you for posting this, I think it is utterly amazing!!