I thought this lego build was awesome

My husband saw this video on u tube about a Lego contraption I thought was so cool. 

JonnyBGood1 year ago
Wow, someone has freetime on their hands... Not ! This thing probably took a few weeks at least to build!!! Extremely Awesome! If had the Programable systems to make somethin like it I would.
Just about a month, 25 days. 600 hours.
Yeah a little more time than I want to spend on a project.
Kiteman1 year ago
Take that KNEX ball machines!
WOOOOW! thats epic

Amazing. Simply amazing! Thanks for posting!
Thank that you with regard to posting this particular, I believe it was downright amazing!!
Conker-X1 year ago
It reminds me of the droid factory under the surface of genosia featured in episode 2 star wars films
SIRJAMES091 year ago
that is someone with:

1) too much free time

2) either is or should be an engineer

3) has a lot more smarts than I will ever have

Thank you for posting this, I think it is utterly amazing!!