I want a new theme....

I dont think the street avatars would blow over that good, so I was thinking we could have a pic of your favorite artist/album as your avatar instead (like meh). My avatar is the cover of soulja boy's new album "isouljaboytellem". Your avatar can be whatever your favorite aritst/album is

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skunkbait9 years ago
I didn't really notice the muppet thing, but street avatars would be fun.
Somebody give me a hoodie!
Sure thing.
Haha, ~~cool~~ wikkid!
Yo, dat be wack!

(Ow, this street talk hurts my fingers!)
Does Babelfish do street?
There used to be a website called Gizoogle that would "tranzilate" anything into "gansta".
FO rizzle?
no mah homy wih boi, iz FOE REELZ?
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