I want to be friends

I am a nice person; always have been with everyone around me. Me and a family member (distant) only know each other here, and making friends with the community is hard. Does anyone want to be friends? It's cool if you don't follow us or something, but it would be nice that some people have some notice to us. This goes for all other people on Instructables, so I hope anyone that reads this will give support to each other.

happyjo6 years ago
I would love to be your instructa-bud!
ClownL6 years ago
If you want sb to be your firends,you can find me at the facebook.My name is stevelione there.I have many friends include some person who get std and date at a STD dating site named herpesmingle. com,I respect everybody who are independent.And look forward you to be my friends.
Inverted_Spectrum (author)  ClownL6 years ago
Thanks. I would be glad to be your friend.
caitlinsdad6 years ago
Well, make something and put up an instructable. Good luck.