I want to build LED or LCD counter (basically a scoreboard)

I want to build LED or LCD counter. I do not have any experience in this at all (but general electical knowlege) I want to build 2 of them in order to create a scoreboard. I want to be able to prews a button to increase score by 1 and also a nother button to clear - any help would be extremely appreciated

andre725 years ago
I have never made this, but I think you may use a binary counter (MM74HC393)
in combination with a binary decoder (4511).
If you search for those you should find some schematic.
H920K5 years ago
I too am trying to find some information on the same thing. I'm using the design for a different purpose but I'm pretty amateur with electronics; if anyone can make a guide or point me in the right direction it would be highly appreciated.
westfw10 years ago
You could do a lot worse than to buy a couple of Adafruit's Digg Buttons Aside from a "press a button and increment a display by one" capability, Limor provides enough internal information to reprogram the microcontroller to do lots of other things...