I want to build a really cheep light table

I want to build a good, cheap light table but all I'm finding on the web are instructions to build a light box. Light boxes are for taking pictures of objects. I don't want to take pictures. Light tables are for tracing stuff from an already existing image. Anybody can take a picture. I'm an artist/designer and I design and build stuff from random images. Does anyone out there know how to build a LIGHT TABLE? Gyrine 77

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Labot20019 years ago
Dang! I saw one on here recently. Anyone else remember/have a link??
Nope. :-P
Gyrine 77 (author)  Patrik9 years ago
Hey Patrik, Sorry 'bout the "your wordy and worthless comment" I made. I was shadow boxing in the dark.
No problem - I was trying to be worthy yet wordless, but it backfired on me. :-D
Gyrine 77 (author)  Patrik9 years ago
Thanks Patrik for your wordy and worthless comment.
I hope your comment was in pun or just a knee-jerk reaction usually displayed by unseasoned leathernecks. BTW, welcome to Instructables. We encourage people to use the search function to explore what has or has not been done before. Part of the process of being creative is to research, learn, use the resources available, adapt and overcome the obstacles.

If you haven't noticed, the word Nope is highlighted to indicate a link. He has already done the search which includes a light table project of mine. Many can give you the answer directly but that would be lazy of us to not make you think which you are fully capable of. You will realize this community is very helpful. Good luck.
Gyrine 77 (author)  caitlinsdad9 years ago
Hey Girl: This unseasoned Marine is lazy.(Part of the process of being creative is to research, learn, use the resources available, adapt and overcome the obstacles.) This is far too much trouble and work. I'm 64 years old and may drop over dead before I can finish your above quote. Thanks for the advise though. Gyrine 77
I've never known any one who calls themself a Marine that is lazy nor will they tolerate anyone that has that frame of mind. Yeah, you can consider yourself old and grumpy but don't let that stop you from MAKEing something or die trying. And the icon is just a picture of my brat. You can address me as "Sir" if you like. :-)
Gyrine 77 (author)  caitlinsdad9 years ago
Hey Caitlinsdad: Screw that "Sir" stuff. I'm retired now and call no man "Sir". How about just "Hey there friend"?
Okay, we'll just chalk it up to some friendly fragging. Patrik is one the savants here so I was just providing covering fire. You might want to try to build my light tablet with a bigger piece of plexiglas. It looks like you want to trace posters or something large. Maybe you can get a tempered glass table top and then diffuse the back with spray window frosting then light it up.
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