I want to print some gears, but I dont know how to make them

So I'd really like to make some geared mechanisms to be printed out, but the math is a little bit beyond me. Right now I have 123D and it does not have a gear generator. I was thinking that somewhere there has to exist a catalog or database of pre-designed gear stl files.

I was hoping that somebody here might know of such a thing, or perhaps another way to easily make gears?

I've been seeing all kinds of crazy gears made into really exotic shapes, but I don't know how these are made either. I'm assuming that the people that designed them are super geniuses, or that they have some kind of advanced software. Which is it?

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rshugrue1 year ago

Might check out: http://joostn.github.com/OpenJsCad/

Found that and haven't had to worry about gears since.

jpong15 years ago
Here's a helpful youtube video showing how to make gears in Corel Draw


Also if you're going to be cutting gears check out a laser. I used a hobby laser from Full Spectrum Laser to cut the gears in the image. They just released a new hobby laser on kickstarter here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fsl/affordable-20x12-laser-cutter-engraver-assembled-i
blkhawk5 years ago
There is a gear template generator that probably can help you at woodgears.ca.
Tomdf (author)  blkhawk5 years ago
Thanks Hawkster, that did help :D
I actually found a few ways to do this and I figure I might as well share em:

1. Use Inkscape to draw the gears and import them into 123D. This is the wonderfully detailed tutorial that I came across from Make http://blog.makezine.com/2010/06/28/make-your-own-gears/

2. Use the gear template generator and save as a pdf. Open that pdf in illustrator (inkscape too probably, but I didn't try) and save as a dwg. That file can then be imported to 123D.

What I didn't find was info on how people are designing these crazy gear box things. Anyone have any ideas?
blkhawk Tomdf5 years ago
That looks like a very complicated drawing! I am glad to know that the information helped you.