I wanted to enter two contests but my photo can only be found in one

I tried to enter my photo in two contests, but i can't find it in the 'epic halloween' photos at all, and i can only see the voting buttons for the 'led' contest on my page: https://www.instructables.com/id/Littlest-Marty-McFly-and-his-Delorean-Push-Car/

I searched all the pages for the halloween entries and i couldn't find my project, is there a bug?

mikeasaurus5 years ago
All our contests are moderated to ensure entries meet the criteria specified. As Kiteman suggests, we sent out "received" and "accepted" emails to every entry. Did you get these emails?

Also, if your project is entered into more than one contest, only one banner with a 'vote' button will be displayed over your project. People will have to vote for your project in whatever contest isn't advertised above your project from the contest page.
cory4281 (author)  mikeasaurus5 years ago
Can I switch the banners? The contest that ends soonest should show, but instead I have a banner for a contest ending next year :(....my item is a costume and id like for it to be easy to vote for the Halloween contest...thanks in advance.
Unfortunately there is no way to swap banners if you are entered in more than one contest. However, you can add a link to the body of your Instructable directing people to the vote page of the other contest.
Kiteman5 years ago
Did you get a "received " and "accepted" email from both contests?