I was wondering if any one knows if ether would work for liquid rocket fuel?

I know that it is relly flamible

lemonie10 years ago
Can you get hold of diethyl ether? Real rocket fuel systems need an oxidiser e.g. liquid oxygen, c.nitric acid, hydrogen peroxide. And if you're using organic liquid fuel, kerosene packs more energy per kilo. (Flammability is not that relavent)
spinet lemonie9 years ago
Liquid oxygen and hydrogen mixed before you launch works great,but you have to figure out how much you need of each. This depends on the size of your rocket mine is about 20 inches long and I mix it 20 % of liquid oxygen to 80 % hydrogen. I have separate fuel tanks for each one above the other. When in ready I open the valve and it lets the fuel mix and then I launch it. you also have to have the right type of nozzle size to big it losses all the fuel to small it can blow up so think it through carefully!!!