I will be gone until Saturday-im back

Well, I am going to camp for the next week. I will bring my iphone, but my bet is the reception will be shoddy.

I will miss you all. pce.


im back.

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Owenmon8 years ago
Camisado8 years ago
Hey DJ, what is up?
(On a side note, do you have any place for your buddy here in your podcast? :-P)
DJ Radio (author)  Camisado8 years ago
you can join, but I need a third person who can record/edit skype convos.
I can record it...
DJ Radio (author)  Camisado8 years ago
edit it? Basically, I just want censors and useless parts removed from the podcast.
I'm not that good at editing, so no. It's just not my field.
DJ Radio (author)  Camisado8 years ago
can you find someone?
DJ Radio (author) 8 years ago
Bartboy8 years ago
What kind of camp o.O
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