I won!

Huzzah! I won the prize in the Google Ponoko Challenge. My Instructable about making and printing a Menger sponge took the top prize. Now I'll have a professional version of SketchUp, a year of Ponoko Prime, and over $500 worth of Ponoko credit.

Now, the big question: what should I make? I have a couple of ideas for jewelry for my wife and a toy for my son, but that's not even $100. Anyone have any suggestions?

UPDATE: 3D printing gets expensive quickly the bigger it gets. Exponentially, even. Something that fits in the palm of your hand would be ideal.

This Menger sponge is 1.4" on a side and cost $26 to print (not including taxes and shipping). A 2" cube would cost $77 and a 4" cube would cost $446. And that's the cheapest material to choose from. If it was printed in stainless steel it would cost $195, $650, and $4,013 for the same sizes.

Announcing the Google + Ponoko Challenge Winner

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Honus6 years ago
Congrats- that's awesome. When I get my 3D printer finished one of the first things I want to make is a miniature Mars rover. My son has been chomping at the bit to build a robot and we recently watched "Roving Mars" so I thought why not build something really cool like that.
fungus amungus (author)  Honus6 years ago
Ah, cool. What 3D printer are you building? A Makerbot?
I actually call it a Multi-bot as it's designed to do CNC milling as well as printing. I really wanted to have it finished by the end of December but it just wasn't going to happen due to my work schedule, etc. I also wanted it to be perfect with all the bugs worked out before I posted an Instructable on it so other people can replicate it.

I started a build log here: http://www.multi-bot.blogspot.com

fungus amungus (author)  Honus6 years ago
Ooh, nice. Would love to see it when it's finished.
I'm going like gangbusters on it- it's (hopefully!) going to be a great Instructable. I'm taking lots of photos and drawing lots of diagrams. I'm just really anxious to get it fired up and making parts. :)
print a replica of the all-spark from the transformers series!
gmjhowe7 years ago
How much to get them to print a 3d printer?
hintss gmjhowe7 years ago
reprap mendel has 1110 CM^3, or 67.7 in^3 of printed parts, plus whatever amount of lasercut/waterjet parts. this is just counting parts you could send to ponoko...
How about a cryptex?
Cool, but big. Also, to do that right I'd want different materials.
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