I wonder why it is still happening...? (EDIT)

Usually, when I start a forum thread, it appears in the lists instantly.

Sometimes, though, it doesn't.

For instance, this thread made a lot more sense on the day I clicked "publish", and three other recent threads have taken time to appear as well:

Does anybody have an explanation or hypothesis for the phenomenon?


This thread is currently hiding - please read it, especially if you are a UK ibler.

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DJ Radio8 years ago
this problem occurring for an instructable is understandable- they need to check to see if the ible is good enough to publish and they have to process the pictures as well. Though when I published my sniper, it took 5 days for it to show up on the recents. idk why it happens for the forums, I find that it shows up faster if the title of the topic I post is very relevant to the category I put it in.
Kiteman (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
The ibles are not checked for quality before they are published - the hang-ups are automatically triggered if the title or keywords contain words that match a semi-secret list. Some of the words are obvious, such as "gun" or "sniper".
no, this has happened for my non-knex instructables.
There's a whole list, it's not just centered around knex. It's meant to help filter out spam and other undesirable content. Sometimes, though, the filters catch things that shouldn't be caught. When this is the case, they have to manually approve it.
can you explain the messages admins leave on instructables that dont pass muster then? Most of the instructables the notes are not left on dont have keywords that the filter would trap.
In addition to the keyword filtering, there is a "requirement" that I'bles have photos associated with each step. If you publish one with no images, you're pretty well guaranteed to get back one of those nice Robot messages. If you leave an image off of just one step, it'll go through (I know :-). The cutoff is probably somewhat fuzzy.
I got that one time. I still say it was a special case and people with objects in their eyes do not have the desire or time to look at pictures, rendering them useless and indeed wasteful, which is bad, and with this economy we can't afford any waste, even though Eric does say bandwidth is cheap. When he and Canida are in the line for the soup kitchen because the company has gone belly up because robot wouldn't just review ibles on a case-by-case basis instead of being a lazy lazy robot, I think Eric will be singing a different tune. But whatever...
people with objects in their eyes

"I'm afraid I can't see you, I have a banana in my eye..."
Haha. Take that rafter out of your eye...
Oooooh, very nice! I guess I should, before I try to get the mote out of yours :-)
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