IM BACK!!! wheres all the og members at?

lets just say one two many prescriptions and a rehab later, im clean and back. but this site has changed alot, are any of the long timers still around.

like kiteman, guyfrom7up ect.?

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The Jamalam6 years ago
I've been here since '07 if that counts :)
DJ Radio6 years ago
I wish I was an OG member. Nah but I only date back to 2008. Glad you're on a recovery track!
Same with me. although I beat you by 9 days!
Goodhart6 years ago
old age, fading eyesight....heart operation, and know, true old guy stuff LOL
Yes, he was. :p
lemonie6 years ago
No, where did you get that idea?

Glad you're back, and over the problem. Sometimes life deals us a few rotten hands and we have to play them out to get back to the game. Look forward to your next instructable!
dombeef6 years ago
Oh, ok.
You have a good collection of instructables that you made!
dombeef6 years ago
I have been around still
How long were you gone?
What happened?
Sunbanks6 years ago
I'm still around, mostly, if you even remember me :P
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