CONTEST EDIT!! first person to figure out the mech and build it gets kudos from me!! :D
Whats this, a SAFE? I've seen hundreds of these, you can just pull the door open or easily pick the lock. Wait, thers no TUMBLERS! How can that be? That must be new!

WELL IT IS BRAND SPANKIN NEW AND HAS NEVER EVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!!!!!!!! A secure knex safe that opens with a KEY! and its a very specific key. ONLY 1 KEY WORKS ALL THE OTHERS WILL NOT TURN! Tis is truely my most innovative creation EVER! If you do not like this, your a hater! I am going to be inactive so criticize me if you want it wont do anything. BEST THINGY EVER TRY TO BUILD FROM THE PICS IF YOU CAN! AHAHAHAHHAAHA
I will put up a video soon.
Sorry it's gone so no instructions :(
If anyone wants to build this please check out zbrown2016's instructable. It is very simmilar and I believe he did a great job on trying to replicate my prototype from the few pictures I've posted.

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i have made this and its awesome!!! solid too. i hit it with a hammer also, and it didnt even budge!!! wow good job man
how hard did u hit it?
Farily hard. It is a solid safe and will be much harder killing it with a hammer than taking it apart
THANK YOU!!!!!!!! :D
please post instructions
copy from pics, mech is here
 how on earth did you do the mechinism from the photos???
I didnt exactly make the mechinisim. I tried but phailed. So i just got a half moon and made a rod down to size. Like i got an orange connector and blue rod on one side and white on the other. I edited the door a little, but im sure u can figure that out, its not hard. So yeah, just make the latches as normal, (the holes the key go into) and um just make it like i just said there. Um also, instead of a tan clip at the end of the key, make it another dark grey connector. And uh yeah make it like i just said. P.S, i put tape around the orange connector, white rod and blue rod so it doesnt break if someone tries too hard to open it ;) hope this helps.
i think i will need some photos please
Ok ill get some up tomoz hopefully. Ill sleep for now until then bai!!! P.S, yes i am australian
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