i would like to request an iron man costume instructable. somebody should at least find out how to make the mask

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someone make a few masks that are "good" and put them on ebay i will pay 15$ 4 a mask of iron man (plz let it be movie accurate) - Tony Stark
Um, sorry but for a "good mask" like a pepakura then fiberglass and bondo, all those things cost about $30 or more so to sell it for only 15 would be terrible, I'd say something about $75 or even more but thats just me, I am making one in progress right now.
IrishNymph8 years ago
What are you going to do with an Iron Man mask/costume in January? Your not going to save it for Valentine's Day are you??
wolfmanthe (author)  IrishNymph8 years ago
i posted this 8 months ago. it's irrelevant now.
This was published: May 12, 2008 so maybe he was looking for a July 4th celebration? :-)
FaqMan Goodhart8 years ago
That or to make for a great halloween costume.
Goodhart FaqMan8 years ago
I was kind of playing along with the Made for Valentine's Day joke IrishNymph made ;-)
kelseymh8 years ago
At the time you posted, there probably wasn't much out there. "8bit" has posted the search query which finds everything people did for Hallowe'en this year.
8bit kelseymh8 years ago
Aha. Well, maybe it helps somebody.
8bit8 years ago