Ibles Completely inaccessible via IE

Today i can't get to ibles at all, in any way with IE. i get a 403 forbidden error suggesting that i have to log in, which i can't do because i can't get to the page, and it wouldn't matter anyway as i can't stay logged in via IE anyway (really wished that was fixed)

obviously firefox works...sort of, i couldn't reply to stuff earlier (haven't tried again yet), i would press reply and nothing would happen.

also, i've tried posting this bug once and it timed out before it posted

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lemonie7 years ago
Why are you still using IE?
It doesn't make much difference to page-loads, but why all the same?

crapflinger (author)  lemonie7 years ago
because it's my prefered browser. why do you use something else?
I like Firefox better because IE is slower to load, is less responsive, and Firefox's interface is better.
I just don't like IE. But with a lot of choice I wondered why you'd not got anything else. To be honest, I'm lazy but having IE and FF I've gone with what I like and never bothered anything else...

crapflinger (author)  lemonie7 years ago
i've got several other browsers installed on my work computer. HOWEVER i still PREFER to use IE, and it's the browser that i open when i'm surfing the intertubez and when i view this site. i have a lot of things that i need to access on a daily basis that don't work in FF or opera, besides the fact that i just don't like FF or opera.

IE isn't actually the issue here, it's the site design. it's not like i'm the only person to complain of posting issues or access issues on the site. the fact of the matter is that everything on the site USED to work perfectly fine. i USED to be able to stay logged in. i USED to be able to actually make comments. i USED to be able to do everything fine. all in IE8. my system didn't change, yet now i CAN'T do those things anymore. why am i the one that should be changing something on my end?
See Matt's top-level posting on this thread.  It sounds like it may not be an "IE" problem at all, and maybe not even an explicit page coding issue.
That said, there's a leap between latest IE and FF, though that seems to be more about it being a bit lumpy... Chrome however is a godsend for a crappy connection, seems the different protocol really improves speed and reliability on connecting to the page... 
crapflinger (author) 7 years ago
based on the current comment stream i feel the need to clarify my issues: i ONLY got the 403 in IE during the day that i posted this topic (may 28th), the following monday when i returned to work i no longer got the 403 errors any more in IE. i never got the 403's in FF. also i don't go to the home page. i've got shortcuts that either open up the forum in a view that i like (https://www.instructables.com/community?categoryGroup=all&category=all&limit=20&sort=RECENT_POSTS) or the ibles in a way that i like (https://www.instructables.com/tag/type:id/?sort=RECENT&layout=text&offset=). it's how i browse the joint. when i did get the 403, i was able to open FF along side of IE and i didn't get the 403 error in FF but did in IE, so i'd like to think that this is unrelated to the DoS, there's not that much of a chance of a DoS or DDoS causing just one browser not to reach the site. i don't know everything there is to know about this stuff, but i do work in IT and my understanding of the process and the purposes of a DoS or DDoS is that the purpose is to make a site completely available by flooding the connections. that shouldn't effect one browser over another. my issues that are still 100% current revolve around being able to stay logged in to my account and the ability to post ANYTHING. These issues began shortly after the site revamp. i'd say within a day or so of the new design. the issues are: in IE8 i cannot stay logged in to the site. i can log in to view all steps when i'm looking at a particular ible, and i can float through that ible all i like. i can skip steps, open pictures, etc.. etc.. however, if i go back to the ibles sort shortcut (that i posted earlier) or try to get back to the index in any other way, i'm now logged out and i have to log back in if i want to see all steps etc.. if i close IE then i'm logged out (even when i have the remember me checked). i can't post replies to anything in IE. i can't reply to forum topics or post comments in ibles. when i press "post comment" i'm asked to log on. which i do, then i type my reply or post. when i press "post comment" i get a message saying "oops your session has expired" at which point it takes me to a login page that suggests that i'll be able to login and it will take me back to what i was doing. when i log in there, it just takes me to a blank page that never loads anything (i've gone away from my desk for 10 minutes and when i come back that page is still blank). i've cleared my temp files, cookies, etc... www.instructables.com is in my trusted sites zone, i've got IE set to allow all cookies from ibles. i've disabled certain ad ons that "could" cause issues (but didn't in the past, as i've had them loaded before and everything worked fine). i've attempted to come to the site from various IPs (i've got 20 statics to choose from, i've tried at least 5, none of which regularly, if ever, access the site outside of the testing) oddly enough, i CAN post replies from my home computer which is running ie8 (i think) but i'm sure that it's not as current on it's updates as my work computer. and i know that some of the other settings on that computer are not the same either. again i can do everything on the site in FF, i just don't like FF. also, i know that some of my posts on this issue sound combative or as if i'm angry, i'm not. that's just how i type.
crapflinger (author)  crapflinger7 years ago
as a note, i posted the above in FF, it HAD line breaks in it when i typed it
Yep, this is a brand new bug. When they "improved" the editor window (to make it faster), it doesn't respect carriage returns if you don't select the [Rich Editor] button. Stupid? Yeah, but it won't be fixed until Monday at the earliest.
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