Ibles Knexer Chatroom

 I just made a chat room for us here on Ibles.  KI has had one for a while and nobody has bothered to make on for ibles.  Here's the site.  This is mainly just an experiment to see how many people use this, but if a lot start to then I will be on fairly often.

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DJ Radio7 years ago
Kentsokay and I made one long before you did.
PS, your chatroom sucks, I'm blocked from it.
182515 DJ Radio7 years ago
every one is
DJ Radio 1825157 years ago
Epic fail.
182515 DJ Radio7 years ago
Plus its not even a real domain name, its a www.whatever.com/whatever/whatever
DJ Radio 1825157 years ago
Double fail.
182515 DJ Radio7 years ago
If it actually worked would have you used it?
ZOMG how about we all go on and make a big deal about this chat?
1825157 years ago
You should realy try to fix the problem with evryone being blocked. I tryed but it said i was blocked too

rec0n7 years ago
im blocked?
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