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This could be considered a suggestion for the site -- but I'm curious of the forum response. Most of us have plenty of ideas (I happen to have journals just for this purpose) - but most of us lack the time/money to actually do them. Eventually the best/feasible ideas are actually completed - but there's plenty of other ideas out there.... So I am proposing a database of ideas/projects that you don't have the time, money or tools/knowhow to complete. These should be ideas that you don't mind putting out in the open. Along with the idea, a short description would be nice and how you think it should be completed... If this works, someone might see your idea and decide that he/she wants to give it a shot. With any luck -- many more of our ideas will get out there, well documented, etc. These ideas would otherwise be lost in our memories (or in my case living a slow death on paper :P). Curious what others think and if you want to add something -- post away :P

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zachninme11 years ago
Actually on the topic (not that there is anything wrong with being off-topic), I was actually inspired by the magnetic Rubik's cube, and talk about LEDS, to try and make one where the colors shift. I don't know if I will achieve this with LED's that switch color when the polarity is reversed, or one with multiple legs.
Dr. No11 years ago
it would be cool if instructables added a seperate section called ideas or something
Dr. No11 years ago
it would be cool if instructables added a seperate section called ideas or something
akimbo m11 years ago
the link below me is a website dedicated to this, might as well collaborate with them... There are plenty of feasiable idea over there that needs exposing
akimbo m11 years ago
ewilhelm11 years ago
I tried this a while ago with my tagging an idea" idea. It pretty much flopped, and probably for exactly the reasons radiorental mentioned in his response. I'd love to get it going and do it right this time.

Should we label ideas as such, put ideas in their own category, make an "ideas" group and post forum topics in that group?

Ideas welcome!
trebuchet03 (author)  ewilhelm11 years ago
hehe - I don't think I was around when that was posted (or I had just registered) :P

Radiorental did make some good points -- and I agree with him for the most part. I think we can agree that not all ideas spawn from projects posted here and instead, they arise out of some sort of need.

If perhaps there was a way to standardize the look of an "idea" project from a "documentation" project - that would make users more inclined to read and utilize. It could be something as simple as a check box when editing the intro page. If the box is checked - the idea tag is automatically added (and always at the top of the tag list) AND the title of the project is modified to something like:

{Idea} 'bent Tadpole Trike Camera Mount

AND automatically add to an ideas group. I also feel guidelines must be setup. A minimum requirement to prevent idea posts like "I wish someone would make an awesome potato launcher powered by mentos and diet coke." The person posting the idea pretty much needs to prove some thought and/or research was put into it (be that through a diagram, description or linking to resources).

I think that this can work - or at least I think its worth putting limited R&D into). But if it's going to work it needs to be both easy and intuitive if the users are going to go forth and conquer :P
The tough thing here is, we ought to keep it separate from regular instructables. Instructables is a place where you show people how to do stuff. I have a ton of respect for intellectual chitchat and R&D, but we shouldn't clog this place up with concept after concept after concept.
naught10111 years ago
great idea there IS a site like this out there, something to do with socially conscious technology, with forums and knowledge database stuff. but I forgot to bookmark it, and can't remember how I found it. perhaps I found it from a link on instructables? if I remember, I will post it here.
FrenchCrawler11 years ago
Sounds good to me... As long as people don't start posting dumb stuff in there like spam. There should also be some kind of guidelines on how to post your ideas. Like for one: Have to have a clear drawing (or half, cause you didn't know how to finish it) with the important parts labeled along with a description of what you want it to do. Another idea would be that credit would have to be given (linked to the orginal idea on the intro page if they decided to post an instructable) to the person who came up with the suggestion(s). I think this is an excellent idea.
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