Idea about Comments/ratings....

We should have an option to disable ratings/comments like Youtube has. Nothing more to say.

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Kiteman8 years ago
The (constructive) comments are half the point of a site like this - quite a number of projects have significant improvements, or interesting variations and modifications, added in the comments.
DJ Radio (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
and what about negative comments without constructive criticism or spam comments? I feel that the author should be able to delete comments along these lines at the very least.
That's what flagging is for.

If authors are allowed to delete whatever posts they like, they will inevitably delete comments they don't like, even though they are constructive.

Members will stop posting honest comments, because they will get removed, and all we will be left with is U Rock! Subscribe 2 me n I will subscribe 2 u!
DJ Radio (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
I think that honest comments are constructive. Most authors here should have enough sense to figure out when commenters are being constructive or not. You do make excellent posts though.
One tries. On the whole, we have been very lucky not to attract the nasty and foul-mouthed kind of commenter you get on YouTube, and the occasional ones that do turn up get quickly dealt with.
Oh, fear not. They will come. In droves. And, sadly, I think they may be a serious problem.

I've been thinking about this for a while, and it worries me. The problem, as I see it, is dealing with the community when it "explodes". The math is not in our favor.

Here's what worries me: When sites start out, they are easy to moderate. Every single comment may be moderated and approved for posting. We are past this level. Then the site may get a little bigger, and the administrators are unable to moderate every single comment, so they put in various flags and filter systems to deal with it and catch the worst bits. We are at this level.

As sites gets bigger and bigger (and this one will, I think), the exponentially increasing population means that while the ratio of numptys (numpties? What is the plural of Numpty, anyway?) to Kitemans may initially stay the same, the number, of course, goes up until the administrators literally cannot afford to hire enough staff keep up with moderating the comments, similar to how the WHO stopped tabulating H1N1 statistics.

To deal with the influx of comments, the site either introduces community mods (which is often death for the community, I sure hope we don't go there! Power corrupts (most) people - there are exceptions, but one power-mad guy is all it takes to drive people up the wall!), or else they rely entirely on the filters to weed out the very worst, "bailing water" and reviewing flagged comments as fast as they can. At this point, you are losing containment. Even if you have filters for profanity, and even if you manage to keep your nose above the waterline so that you're not entirely choked by the spam, the quality and usefulness is shot. Finding a truly constructive, helpful, funny, whatever comment is like digging for diamonds. Contributing members post less or leave altogether, raising the Numpty-to-Kitemans ratio, which becomes a feedback loop, which can suck the community dry of members with an IQ higher than 10. Voila! YouTube!

Of course, all of that is a worst-case scenario. It doesn't have to play out that way...but I've seen when it does far too often. :-(

Phew! Sorry about posting a book. :D
It seems Tesla has become rather popular in my absence.
They are all valid concerns, which have been raised before, in the forums and behind the scenes. My personal preference would be to see community mods, selected by Eric et al on past performance, and subject to summary replacement if they go all Doctor Strangelove on us. I believe that there are enough long-term members who have enough of a track record of non-numptiness to make a team. (Oh and it's numpties, numpty's and numpties')
Hm. It could work - but there really would have to be a designated person to go to and complain in case of problems. Haha, thanks. :D
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