Idea, "category" >>> 'OHHH NOOO! Save us from K'NEX!!!!'

The idea:

Before you are to publish your work, you have to place your work under a category.

This is done by a drop down box... if a new category is needed, just email instructables.


Next idea, is that if you sign into your account. On the right side of the title (or somewhere), you can declare your hatred or love for a category. In this case it is K'NEX, you can say you done like those types of instructables. What happens is that it would not ever pop up again, or is hidden to a single headline only.

How does this help?
It would make less people with legitimate reason to pull their hair out when too much of a boring instructables type for some like K'NEX from going insane.

This would also make the experience for new people more enjoyable, since newbies are not chased away by a mob of older people who have already seen x100000000000 of the same type.

:) :) :)

Thanks for hearing me out!

(Oh and some shameless self promotion of my little bug here)

Hope it helps!

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sethex9 years ago
i'm ashamed to say i played with knex for years, but never thought of making guns then the other day i found this site, and i was enlightened anyway, from what ive seen of this site, any smart kid with a computer could build a flamethrower after reading a few posts here yes knex hurt, but so does being on fire (a must try!)
trebuchet0310 years ago
What's wrong with k'nex? While K'nex is indeed a toy, it is also a basic prototyping tool - just like lego systems.

K'nex aside -- we could say "Oh no! Save us from the hardware store" considering that there are so many projects built from simple components found at most hardware stores (in fact - I try to make some of my projects readily available in this way).

Comparing harware store projects to K'nex projects on the front page (sorted by date).... There's 3 K'nex projects and at least 4 of these hardware store projects

Although - it would be nice to be able to search for exclusive terms :D
But k'nex is not being used as prototyping, its being used to create weapons. Which some of us like, but not all of us. To rephrase - I would find it interesting if someone said in an early step "I used K'nex to prototype", but alas, we are getting K'nex in the final step, the finished product.
shooting a knex piece at the speed of a pea catapulted from a spoon is not going to start a nuclear armegedon. GET REALISTIC
MD_Willington10 years ago
Since most K'Nex projects revolve around guns, why not make real firearms... Now before anyone freaks out, in most cases, depending on your countries laws, you should be able to make your own. I'm in the USA, and as long as you stick to all the rules (of legal age to own and purchase & NON-NFA-GCA items unless you are an SOT etcetera), you can in deed produce your own firearms for your own usage.
That's a great idea. Lets show kids how to make guns, and while we're at it, lets show them how to make bombs too. Trench coat mafia anyone?
billy you know what hyperbole is? I think most children can figure out how to make those items in the first place, before the Internet kids could look up gunsmithing instructions in almost any public library, I did when I was a child.
Not only that, but if they are cut off from information on doing things properly, they'll improvise... "Well, I have that pvc pipe from an old project. I can steal some of my dad's bullets. and then just stick a nail from through the pvc cap. Then all I will have to do is shake the tube and it will shoot!"
crapflinger10 years ago
...if you don't like it...don't open it.. most of the architectural/engineering/general-stuff-building knowledge i have (not the largest amount of any of those by the way) came from my HUGE lego collection as a child and teenager....when you can build your own wing chair in your room out of legos...without needing any help at 8 years old...you kind of get a sense of accomplishment... the k'nex are the same thing...it's the recourse that's available to these guys who are posting their instructables...and it's also (apparently) their hobby (maybe temprary passion?)... if you were a teen or younger...and you had an ass-ton of k'nex at the house...wouldn't you LOVE to see all of those k'nex instructables so that you could wow your friends with what you've made? sure there are alot of them..and they're multiplying like rabits...but are they any different than the throwie crowd? or any of the rest of us tinkerers and builders? some of us post endless amounts of data on PIC controllers, some of us post all of the recipes we've ever made, and some of us build things with k'nex.... take it easy on them...they're doing what they like..and spending their time on something that (whether you think so or not) uses their brain alot more than "dance dance revolution" or sitting in front of the TV
Well said.
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