Idea for extended version of "Sun Jar"

After seeing the recent Sun Jar I'ble, I had an idea (not even concrete enought to be a Completable) for an interestingly extended version. There now exist LEDs for infrared, visible red, green, and blue, and near UV.

It should be possible, with a mix of small low-voltage constant-current power supplies and pulse modulators, to construct a multiple-LED light source which roughly models what we perceive as the solar "spectrum." I don't mean formally reproducing the raw wavelength distribution, but rather the combination of intensities we see (or measure with a thermometer) in a prism- or grating-spread spectral display.

Coupling such a circuit to a solar cell would allow you to build a "Sun Jar" which "collects sunlight" during the day and "releases sunlight" at night. As I said, just an idea...

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Kiteman9 years ago
Spookily synchronicitously*, while you were typing this, I was in Ikea, buying a frosted-glass jar, just to make a sun-jar as a Christmas gift. The lid is metallic around the edges, but has a window in the top.

The 0.9 litre version.

*The reason I said "spookily synchronicitously" is because it's quite pleasant** to imagine people all over the planet trying to say that phrase without spitting crumbs all over their monitors...

kelseymh (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Wow, footnotes within footnotes! You must have been an English major (perhaps the very model of a modern English major?) at University...
They don't come any more English than Kiteman.

When they made Kiteman, they broke the mold...
kelseymh (author)  Lithium Rain9 years ago
"When they made Kiteman, they broke the mold..."

After, or before? ;->
Haha! I think during the process! That's why he's a bit "cracked"...
Gives all assembled the look, generally reserved for reducing the recalcitrant to the repentant.
>smirks< Didn't work on me...
Resorts to a sharp poke in the ribs.
Has on poke-proof vest
But my fingers are hardened by years of poking small, obstreperous children.

Digits of steel.
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