Idea on how to sign up for knex contests...

Why don't we just screw the sign up sheet, we can just have the hosts post round 1, and everyone who wants to enter builds something and enters it in the round. Maybe we will have less comments whining about people missing the deadline and being unable to enter because of (insert family crisis here)

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ajleece8 years ago
I was actually thinking the same thing...
DJ Radio (author)  ajleece8 years ago
See what I'm getting at?
Except KI is already doing this.
DJ Radio (author)  ajleece8 years ago
Well, this is a suggestion to everyone who runs knex contests on ibles, because I am tired of seeing people complaining about not being able to enter because of a deadline.
knexguy8 years ago
If a Pro member hosted a contest, they could send all people in the competition a patch to show they are competing. Just an idea.
DJ Radio (author)  knexguy8 years ago
If you want your orangeboard to break and not work, you go right ahead and do that...
DarkVolt8 years ago
I'm planning to start a comp soon, may I try your idea?
DJ Radio (author)  DarkVolt8 years ago
Sure! Why do you think I post my ideas in the first place?
sprout_less8 years ago
Yah i like that idea!
DJ Radio (author) 8 years ago
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