Ideas? Arduino controled laser light show with RGB

Has anyone made or have info on making a laser light show?  I have an RGB module with analog control and would like to build a light show with full RGB control using Arduino.

I have found several projects to drive galvos for X-Y control but none so far have included color control.

Any pointers, links or suggestions welcome.



chintans2 years ago

chintans2 years ago

As per my knowledge it is purely software based.

paulckruger (author) 3 years ago

Thanks for the link. I will review that.

I plan to make an actual show using galvos. I have an RGB Module of the type used in laser light shows already. I designed a circuit to modulate each individual laser and now that I have my CNC mill I can "carve" a circuit board. First step is just to build an RGB box to adjust the color using three pots (just for fun).

I also found some circuits to explore to let the CPU control colors along with the galvos. Some are totally digital PWM and some use an analog encoder driven by a servo ( a bit over kill and costly )

I know I could just buy a ready built but a) cost and b) where's the fun in that!

Please don't look into the bean with your remaining eye !

Do you want a laser light show or an RGB programmable display. They are completely different things here. An RGB will only light up with different colors. It's not going to create a beam of light you can bounce off rotating and tilting mirrors to create a laser light show. If you want a laser light show you'll need to use a laser. If you want different colors you'll need different color lasers all with there own set of rotating and tilting mirrors. But it's not like you'll be able to use a Red, a Green and a Blue laser to combine and get different colors. They just don't work that way.

But if you want to play around with teh RGB here is a project for you.