Ideas For Instructables Needed

Ideas for making Instructables anyone? Just post your ideas below and we may make them into an Insructable!

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Ambles1 year ago

Hello Mad Scientist,

I hope my project is one that interests you. Please have a look and tell me if you can do it or tell me (with details and pics would be wonderful) how to do it. I have been trying to figure it out for a while, but unsuccessfully.

Also, I have question for you. I have an old Audiovox 8200 cell phone, that operates on cdma, and in Canada, we are no longer able to use these phones with Telus. However, is there a way I can use this little phone as a backup to my regular cell phone? I want to use is as like a headset that you plug into your phone would work; so that I can answer calls on this little phone when I am working outside, etc. so as not to lose or ruin my good cell phone. I tried adapting a micro usb cable to have a microphone speaker headset 3.5mm jack adapter at one end and the micro phone adapter at the other, but it did not work. If this is even remotely possible, I would love it to be Bluetooth even.

Well, I look forward to any kind of response you can give me.

Hope you have a great and interesting day,



RolfH12 years ago

an oragami flower to offer to nice people. might wind up making them all day.

Since I learned about the Gray-Hoverman antenna and some "fractal" versions I've wondered if an old pen plotter could be finagled to use a conductive pen and then draw antennas on paper or vinyl.

tenex2 years ago

I need a Telephone Incoming Call Sorter (T.I.C.S.) circuit to send unwanted calls into a 'trash can': ALL 900 numbers, "unknown name-unknown number" or otherwise unidentified numbers, plus any numbers I send into this trash can's database. The numbers sent there get the "Dee-Do-DEE; We're sorry, this is no longer a working number" message. (that's available off the internet, plus it tells the robo-dialers to skip this number for a year or so.). Stage 2 is like a standard digital message recorder so I can listen to them later to return the call or send it to the 'Trash Can'. Stage 3 is for friends and family, and is the 1st time my home phone actually rings. If a gadget like this is out there on the 'net, I haven't found it. It'd be SO good to have my phone back.

how about a red hood helmet?

TomC212 years ago

I was wondering and I am not sure if I am asking this question in the right place or not If you could maybe show us how to make the Brotherhood of Steel power armor from Fallout 3. I have been looking for blueprints and videos on how to do it but I just can't seem to find anything I have no idea if i am looking in the wrong places or not would be much appreciated if you could concider it or direct me to a place that has done it all ready thanks.

Sorry for the previous misunderstanding.
A nice Instructable about a highly precise, digital temp measuring system with a range of -100 to +1100°C would be nice to have :)
Maybe even with replaceable sensors to give more accuracy in different temp ranges.

Thanks for the idea, Downunder35m. Will consider making that.

The Mad Scientists (author) 2 years ago

I'm not talking about ideas for the website, I'm talking about ideas for creating an Instructable. Thanks anyway!