Ideas? (KNEX)

Ok, I have a gun...true trigger...stuff like that. But. I dont have a gun to base it from. I will have a pic up soon. But I cant for the life of me think what to base it off

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spricer9887 years ago
knex hk g36
knexguy10 years ago
same at my school, do you live in england?
HBF (author) 10 years ago
I doubt the xm8 would work... Wow. This gun is very like it:
knexguy10 years ago
u get ccf? legend! im gonna join in year 10 (next year)
smidge147 knexguy10 years ago
knexguy smidge14710 years ago
thebluemartyr10 years ago
go to youl find a gun to base it off of there
smidge14710 years ago
an mp7
HBF (author)  smidge14710 years ago
It could work, but this gun has a bigger butt