Ideas Welcome- Piece limited

Hey. Yeah, haven't really been k'nexing much lately nor do I think I'll be doing it much longer. Long story short, I'm taking college classes for my last semester of high school for credits in both and yada yada so I have more and less time. More because I don't have much homework and I only have one class on Thursdays which means an entire open afternoon but less because I'm a lot more occupied on other days with other activities.

But I decided to crack out the K'nex again. I need something somewhat innovative. Or maybe not innovative but just something that we don't have enough of. For example, an updated BAW was one of my ideas. The problem is that I have limited pieces. Take a look at my updated UMP, folding gun, or my BAW (red rodded stock version) for a general idea of how limited I am in pieces. So I'm obviously looking to make something compact. I was also thinking of expanding on my charging handle pin concept. Perhaps combine BAW and TBAG concepts for a shelled weapon. We still lack practical shell guns. As much of a hassle as they are compared to chamber action weapons and turrets, shells are still a perfectly reasonable (and more so, less complicated and less bulky respectively) method to get more range. But it's up to you what I build.

So any requests?

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TheDunkis (author) 6 years ago
Shotgun shell was not pleasing. Went back to the shell gun. I decided to make it breach loading and with a normal pin. However, I only did so because I designed what I think is a new pin in such a way that it shouldn't break. I'm pretty satisfied with the front of the gun but now I have to figure out what to do for a handle and stock. I think It'll turn into a rectangular...thing... just because.
TheDunkis (author) 7 years ago
I might get back to the BAW2 (w00t 1337 for boss...sort of) but I decided I wanted to do something extra simple. I ended up making a new shotgun shell design. Well I made it awhile ago but I simplified it further to the point that I think you could modify any NAR to accept it easily. I'll get pictures later and perhaps a video of it in action if it turns out well.
~KGB~7 years ago
shell gun sounds great.
TheDunkis (author)  ~KGB~7 years ago
Alright. Do you think they should be with removable mags and more similar to the BAW in construction or breach loaded and more like the TBAG? They'll both utilize a charging handle pin but in different ways depending on which style.
Not removable mags i reckon. a 6 round mag the fires blue rods or something would be quite nice. or even white.
TheDunkis (author)  ajleece7 years ago
Where'd you come from? And funny I actually started on a breach loading shelled blue rod gun but the charging handle I decided to experiment with didn't turn out so well so I'm going to redo it to use one more similar to my shotgun.

I was thinking of using whites too but the problem with them is that it's difficult to incorporate a magazine that'll both fit them and use shells. But yes, smaller rounds = faster velocities & less drag when spinning out = more range. I was going to experiment with this.
I only talk to the 'pros.' As in, around the time of KA. Every other knex can go die in a hole.

I reckon breach loaded blue would be amazing. And i f'ing hate magazines.

And, remember physics dear boy. Larger mass = greater forces = greater kenetic energy = faster velocity.
TheDunkis (author)  ajleece7 years ago
Bleh, I miss those days. Few are left these days. KI kind of sticks to itself like always. I haven't seen them around here for awhile. God knows what they're doing. Jacking off to their BRs and NARs maybe. (have I got your attention yet? I'm sure one of you KIers are going to reveal yourself and come out of lurking eventually)

Are we talking about the pin or the ammo? Physics say that with the same force transferring to two different objects, the object with less mass to transfer the energy to will move faster than an objective with more mass. Faster velocity = more range.
Same.. Those were the days.. Now modern k'nexers are like modern music. [insert swear word here]

I'm talking about ammo. But you do make a good point. Physics says 2 different things. MINDRAPE
TheDunkis (author)  ajleece7 years ago
Bleh, there aren't even that many K'nexers. Instructables is a lot less active than when we were around a lot. I remember the booming days.

It says one thing. You can easily observe this. Picture this. You're a guy who works with a consistent amount of force (not counting fatigue for example, right?) OK? So then you have two different jobs. One is to move a 50 KG bag of whatever 100 meters. Another is to move a 100 kg bag of whatever 100 meters. You're using the same amount of energy each time. However, because you have to move more mass with the 100 kg bag, chances are you're going to move a little slower because you have more mass to move with the same amount of working energy in your legs.

I'm assuming you know why ^ velocity = ^ range but I'll explain that too if need be.
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