Ideas for 50 Cents

Spotted on the streets of NYC is this gumball machine that's been converted into an idea dispenser. For just fifty cents you get an idea in a plastic container. No word on how good the ideas are or if anyone's found them valuable. The photographer sadly did not buy any of the ideas for sale.

Are ideas hard to come by? How much would you pay for a good idea?

Idea Machine

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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
My ideas are worth way more than that! I think the link is broken
The Idea Machine - Neetorama link? no, it works for us those of us not using Linux ( light dig ;-)
does now (actually I mainly use OSx now)
Should we now refer to you as OSxH4x0r now ? ;-)
PKM Goodhart9 years ago
If you try and say that too fast it sounds like an obscure dirty euphemism for an STD...

Warning: the sentence in small letters in this paragraph is potentially offensive so I suggest if you are easily offended that you refrain from reading it and to make that easier I have written a lot of text around it "oh, a sex sack sore" to hopefully mask it from people reading it accidentally and with a bit of luck they will read this disclaimer first and avert their eyes so as to avoid any potential offense so if you are easily offended don't read those tiny letters.

Let's not call Linux that...
PKM PKM9 years ago
Oh, and perhaps "If you didn't constantly tell people where you are, re "You'll find me in the club" maybe they wouldn't shoot you so much"
Goodhart PKM9 years ago
. ? .
PKM Goodhart9 years ago
The thread title is "Ideas for 50 Cents", I was suggesting that if he doesn't want to be shot a tenth time he should stop telling people where he is (eg. "in da club") all the time.

No, wait... hang on, 50 Cent. Never mind
Goodhart PKM9 years ago
Ok, it took me a bit to even understand your explanation, but I finally made the gangsta connection... ;-)
LinuxH4x0r PKM9 years ago
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