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I have been writing c# XNA games for Xbox 360, and I am currently working on a zombie game. Kind of a tower defense, with zombies. It is almost finished and I have been pondering what game I could make next. That is we're you come in. I was wondering if I could get some good ideas for an Xbox game. I would like a game that is fairly simple, and one that uses a random play environment. I am currently limited to 2d. I am planing to finish my previous game within about a month, so I would like to know what I am making next within about 4 weeks. Since today is January 30th 2012, let's say cut off is about February 30th. But the sooner the better. Of course, if I chose your game, you would get a free code for it if and when it is finished. Also keep in mind that I cannot make a game with copyrighted elements, like star wars or something. Try to be creative and come up with a good idea. Remember that i would prefer to make a game wih a random play environment  Thanks! This helps me a ton. 

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Robo Disko (author) 5 years ago
Oh and that brings up the point...I am interested in letting anyone try my game :)
I have been wasting too much time that i should be working on the game, playing other games. But i think i'll finish it soon. Oh and btw that "deadline"? ignore it.

So if you want to try the game, you can download it on my web site:
The download link just brings me to the main page of the file host you are using.

By the way, is it an exe? What format is the file in?
Robo Disko (author)  CheckDavid5 years ago
Delete my upload...argh how could they! I'll fix it sometime soon and i'll post here when it is fixed.

It will probably be in an install package that you can unzip and install with setup.exe

BTW since it is meant for xbox, it is also meant to be used with xbox controllers connected to your pc. although i did add a sloppy 1 player mouse and keyboard control abilities.
Oh, I thought it would be in flash or something.

I am not using windows so I would need to install Wine to play the game.
Robo Disko (author)  CheckDavid5 years ago
To my knowledge, XNA is not flash compatible. And I'm pretty sure that my knowledge is correct.
OH, what a shame =(
Robo Disko (author)  CheckDavid5 years ago
Not if I'm trying to make money. I don see flash as the most profitable means of posting a game. Xbox live is a bit better.
Robo Disko (author)  CheckDavid5 years ago
I finally spent some time and uploaded the latest build. It's probably buggy, but it has all the up to date features. Find it on my website or download directly here:
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