Ideas for powering a wireless camera

I have a 2 car lots, One has power and the other one has not,
I want to run a wireless camera to the one with no power.
The car lots are about 20-25 yards apart.

I was thinking maybe being able to run the wireless camera off a car battery and how? and wondering how long this would last before the battery would need charging again?
And would like any input on camera's to use..

Thnanks Hoey

lord_kian6 years ago
First you have to know the power characteristics of the camera and the battery after is only maths.
Sunbanks6 years ago
Some people at my school got a wireless camera and used a car battery and a solar panel. I'm not exactly sure where they got the solar panel though, I just know if was off the internet.
If the power draw isnt huge a solar cell topping up a decent battery pack would likely work well those little wireless cams that run on a 9V battery could work with that plan, good luck with the project...