Ideas, half-formed or otherwise.

So i looked at the Luchador Mask, made from re-cycled shoes and caught myself considering the issue of a steel helmet. It'd be tricky for me to pull it off, of course, but i reckon i could.
Same with the lost-wax casting i promised ages ago, and didn't get round to.
I DO plan to do both of them some day, and the skittles gun, too....
But anyway, who else has mooted instructables to publish, only to skip out at the last moment? Who's got what planned?
I appreciate the need of some people to keep things secret, if they've got new and revolutionary projects, by the way, but i'm still asking.

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Imnotthere1710 years ago
so, while I was at a Lowe's store, I saw these neat things called a Chimenea* (not sure if that is spelled completely right.) but basically its a really small fireplace that you can put outside. I was wondering if you could ever use that kind of thing as a forge. and ideas?
yeah, a mod on the chimenea shouldnt be that hard to make. another thing; what would be a good book or website that would give me information on blacksmithing/newbie info? they have good info.
much obliged
If you are wanting to set up a cheap forge, google "brake drum forge". An old brake drum, some black iron pipe and you're mostly there. I've seen some pretty impressive work done with a brake drum.
Vendigroth (author)  Imnotthere1710 years ago They, too, have good info, and the forum members are freindly, relaxed and helpful.
Vendigroth (author)  Imnotthere1710 years ago
Goodhart makes a good point, you would need a blower. Also, a good bed of sand or ash'd be a good idea, to keep the fire off the iron.
To use it as a forge, some sort of bellows or blower would have to be incorporated into the bottom....somehow.
jtobako Goodhart10 years ago
I think it was Bealer who had a picture of a forge that used a long chimney to create a draft rather than a blower. A chimenea wouldn't have a long enough chimney but that could be fixed.
Goodhart jtobako10 years ago
There would still need to be some sort of regulator then. There are times when one needs to "stoke" the fire with oxygen....if it had an unregulated draft, fuel would be wasted when you didn't need as much heat.
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