Ideas on how to mount an iPad to a child's wheelchair?

Does anyone have any ideas for how to mount an iPad to a child's wheelchair...also making sure it is adjustable to be able to get the child in and out of the chair? 

Also, any ideas on how to attach a stylus so that it doesn't get dropped or lost?

As you can see from the picture, the way we have it isn't working out so well. 

Thanks in advance!

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1. steps find an ipad mount
2.put it(glue or use something) on the side
IDEASFIL6 years ago
My name is Bill Johnson.
After 10+ years of designing and builing assistive devices for Holland Bloorview Kid's Rehab in Toronto Ontario,I have started my own company.
I design and build many mounting solutions for various devices to all makes of wheel chairs.
Please feel free to view my web site at

daveydimwit6 years ago
this is really cool.. i love it..i wish my kid will also have this one.. i hope it is not that expensive though!
Use a car mount on a simple aluminum arm that attached to a side rail with a modified clamp. You can hand bend the aluminum to where the I[pad should be placed easily enough, and it out to be low cost.

craftyv6 years ago
Beautiful family. This question is just what Instructables is all about. Could you comment about her personal mobility please. Finger dexterity, head/body turning ability. I don't wish to intrude but this info would help with peoples ideas.
jerunamuck6 years ago
In college the lecture hall classes all had seats with a small desk top that flips up then swings down, mounted to the arm rest. Hope this makes sense. If not, then just stop by your local university and have a peak in one of the lecture halls. I've posted a picture of what I mean or try this link:

I'm thinking of taking one of those mechanisms and mounting it to the arm of her chair. It could easily support a mount for an iPad or other accessory. When not in use the item can be easily folded out of the way. When in use, it's mounted sturdily enough that she's not going to be pushing the mount around by accident or getting fingers caught in the mechanism.

Not sure where to buy something like this, maybe google "lecture hall seating" or call some architectural salvage companies near you.

Another thought is something like a high chair. A simple platform that cantilevers on the arm rests. it's sturdy and can handle any accessory but removes easily.

If you don't have the tools to make these, perhaps you can take both of these ideas to your local trade school, preferably one that teaches machining and fabrication. They will be happy to help make these a reality.

slithien6 years ago
you could try to some how attatch a music stand to the chair and for the stylus you could tie it onto the stand. hope this helps.
I did a quick search online. Is a site at that shows various mounts available for the Ipad. I think you might be able to use the RAM Mount to attach to the bar alongside the armrest. There are other possible mounts that may be modified.
fretted6 years ago
Can i get a better picture of the chair side back and front including placement of the wheels and wheel locks ill get the measurement of the ipad myself and how to attach the stylus to the holder .

I will build something to help if you need it im a professional fabricator im very sure i can figure something out .
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