Ideas that never quite got finnished....

This topic is intended as somewhere to abandon ideas we can't seem to get to work. Fully auto k'nex guns, new designs, ect. If you finnish someone else's project or take inspiration from them, please post props. Have fun, Snipe

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dsman1952769 years ago
ok, i will. but most of them i ended up figuring out that they would not work . anyway, here we go: 1. automatic pistol, with no motor. "pistol" i use lightly, since the one non-working prototype was far from a pistol. anyway, the system worked like this: rubberbands are loaded on to two switches (one is located in front of the firing pin, one behind). and there is also one rubber band on the firing pin to start. what happens is when you pull the trigger the gun fires, and then the firing pin sets off the first switch, releasing one of the many rubberbands on the front switch. the rubber band pulls back the firing pin, and the second switch is set of when the firing pin reaches the back. when it hits that a rubberband is put on the firing pin to pull it forward and make it fire again. repeat. i abandoned the idea long ago after how long it took to load, the very small range it would have, and that it was way to complex to work. 2. i might as well post the DD-30 mech idea, since i don't have any time to work on it with my "other" project... the DD-30 was a machine gun with a twist, it only used 8 barrels(the prototype anyway, the real version will have duel rotating barrels, if i ever get around to making it). each barrel has a semi-auto rubber band gun trigger, that fires one rubber band down the barrel every time the trigger is pushed in (the rubberbands that are waiting to be fired reset the trigger). the barrel has a 4/5 round grey connector mag. when the rubber band fires it takes a grey connector with it, firing it. so each barrel is 5 shot semi-auto gun. times that by 8 barrels and you get 40 shots. the trigger system is real simple, all it has to do is slide a piece forward that makes the triggers move forward. i might post more later.
for the DD-30 do you mean something like this:

or this:
dsman1952769 years ago
to many to count...
DJ Radio9 years ago
first of all, the first gun that comes to mind when you say that is the original AR-4 commando. now, you might be saying that the one i posted should thus be v2, but it is v1 because this is the first posted version of the commando. I have pictures of both guns (and ill throw in the sniper remix, it doesnt have a lot of hype)
sniper 001.JPGAR-4 commando 001.JPGDCAM0049.JPG
Is that last gun posted? Looks ok.
dont ask to post that gun again.
It sucked. Sure it was powerful (broke the firing pin and mag one time), but it wasnt reliable. It jammed and misfired 70% of the time.
knexguy9 years ago
Hmm, it is a conundrum. Looks like it could be quite a project. I might make a proper crossbow out of this.
knexguy9 years ago
Ok, here's my concept sketch, basically the block below the barrel holds the rounds in the magazine, stopping the falling out. The carriage pushes that down when it is cocked back, allowing a round to fall into the carriage. As this happens, the trigger rod pops up through an anchor point on the back of the carriage. as the carriage is released, the block shoots back up, stopping any rounds falling out.
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