Ideas that never quite got finnished....

This topic is intended as somewhere to abandon ideas we can't seem to get to work. Fully auto k'nex guns, new designs, ect. If you finnish someone else's project or take inspiration from them, please post props. Have fun, Snipe

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dsman1952768 years ago
to many to count...
DJ Radio8 years ago
first of all, the first gun that comes to mind when you say that is the original AR-4 commando. now, you might be saying that the one i posted should thus be v2, but it is v1 because this is the first posted version of the commando. I have pictures of both guns (and ill throw in the sniper remix, it doesnt have a lot of hype)
sniper 001.JPGAR-4 commando 001.JPGDCAM0049.JPG
Is that last gun posted? Looks ok.
dont ask to post that gun again.
It sucked. Sure it was powerful (broke the firing pin and mag one time), but it wasnt reliable. It jammed and misfired 70% of the time.
Katarukito8 years ago
i have have a true shotgun with a magazine, im going to build it next week when i take apart my current gun for pieces. ( it worked before but i was too lazy to post )
jollex8 years ago
Mag with no pusher. Gun credit to Mepain. Idea credit to ironman? (I think)