Ideas to keep the cat out at night when she has a victim?

Hi my name is Robin and i have a cat problem. My cat has a cat door so she can walk in and out as she want, but she is bringing mice and rats and its not fun the hear her killing the victim in the middle of the night and its almost every night.
So i was thinking about building something so she cant enter the house when she has her victims.
I think im going to use my arduino somehow. like scann her or somthing and if she has a mice the door is locked.

Im open to any ideas except collar with bell, she dont like to were collar.

thanks in advance

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blkhawk5 years ago
A simple solution is to keep the cat inside!
+1 I agree.

Although cats are by nature hunting animals, they are domesticated pets and don't belong outside to roam freely. Its a shame how many birds and small animals are injured or killed as the result of a house cat.

I think you need to keep your cat inside or make her wear a bell collar which allows the birds and animals (that do belong outside) a fighting chance at getting away.

I know you said your cat doesn't like to wear a collar, but I think he/she would get over it. It could be worse, you could be told that your cat isn't allowed outside at all without being supervised and on a leash.
In my area, the feral cat problem is pretty bad. And yet the authorities do little about it. TOO many cats allowed outside, produced a lot of offspring that remained outside and are overrunning the city. Cat leukemia is pretty widespread because of this
The only thing you can do is trap and euthanize and close the lids on dumpsters.
Well, although that may be the "most efficient method" it is hardly the "only" way ;-)
Moem Goodhart5 years ago
I strongly believe that cat owners who let their cat go outside have the responsibility to have the animal spayed or neutered.
Goodhart Moem5 years ago
I agree...sadly, the laws aren't as strict with cats as they are with dogs (no feral dogs running about either)
snobban (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Luckily for me, I live in the country :) so I don't think someone will complain about my cat. I don't know how it is in your country but here in Sweden I haven't even heard of a cat that mast be supervised out side. I doo agree that it would be best for the animals if my cat was inside but shes not an indoor cat.
blkhawk snobban5 years ago
In North America and many other countries, municipal ordinances exist that make pet owners responsible for their pets actions. I know many cat owners that keep their cats inside at all times for the same reasons Canucksgirl explained, to protect wildlife. Cats can also transmit diseases where they defecate, like toxoplasmosis. Some wild animals are protected by law, where I live it is even illegal to capture a wild bird as a pet. It is in your cat's nature to stalk and hunt, therefore you must keep your cat indoors if you want the hunting to stop. Maybe you are even ignorant of your town's ordinances about pets. If I were you, I would make a call to your town hall.
(Great minds think alike!) I really doubt that any cat can stop hunting smaller animals. It is in their nature.
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