If You Could Do Something Incredibly Stupid Without Consequences

If you could do something incredibly stupid without any consequences such as injury or death, what would you do? Here's what my friend said: He'd ride a lawn chair attached to balloons into the stratosphere, jump of (parachute not included) with a ton of home-made explosives, land in a large tub of Jello, and detonate the explosives. :D

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id probably do what your friend did
destroy every gas powered machine in the world....wait that wouldnt have any consequences anyways would it?
I would destroy Ledzeppie.
Why? because im a liberal socialist and your a conservative capitalist?
Well, the socialism part would make me want to destroy you. Mainly because you want to destroy every gas powered machine in the world. Gas is powering all of everything now. You can't just get rid of it like that. We must be weened off of it.
i never said immediately... and theres nothing wrong with putting people before pennies...
Yes, there is. Especially when it's people who are making the pennies.
Look people. I think that we can all agree that capitalism has resulted in some pretty great stuff. Like a full array interpersonal lubricants.
That would take, like, a lot of work.
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