If the dead were to ever rise what would you do?

Everyone has a zombie plan. whats yours?

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Goodhart9 years ago
I could call my mummy to help *sigh*

Mummies vs. Zombies in a theater near you..... LOL
Call Leonidas and the other Spartans to kill them all.
KentsOkay10 years ago
Right here ts goes: I assume I would become aware of zombies while lying in bed watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Initially I'd be po'd about the sudden stop of my program, but once the white faced news announcer manages to state the situation, I'd reach behind my headboard and withdraw my arsenal of mellee weaponry. I'd equip myself and head downstairs. I'd assemble and load family shotgun (who are inconveniently 500 miles away), and make for my deadly cache of explosives stashed in my shed. I'd also grab a super soaker and some fuel for a flamethrower. I'd then quick march to the nearby police station. IF any hostiles are met along the way FFFWWWWWTTTT!!!, barbecued zombie. I'd then enter police station and join forces with any other survivors, who I can assume would also come to the station. Station would then be barricaded, and a perimeter of makeshift claymore mines would be installed (by me, however I know one of our local officers is an ex SEAL, he would probably be a great help). Radio for help and remain at station. This is also my plan for nuclear war, Armageddon, Ragnorak, and invasion from Gouhlds, Rathe, Cyborgs, Daleks, Cybermen, or any other hostiles.
I was just reviewing my master disaster plan (yes I really have one), and I somehow managed to forget a couple of important things... I'd grab my compound bow + manufacture explosive tips once in a secure area, The shotgun has an interchangeable rifle barrel, time for zombie sniping! The police station is also the fire station, if rescue wasn't coming I'd turn a firetruck into a rolling fortress and cruise around looking for survivors and munitions, major stops would include: Grocery store, rations and alcohol, sporting goods store, munitions; and the comic book shop, the bloke there has this massive LOTR Elvish sword, should be more than suitable for lopping off heads. I'd then drive to the state capitol (1/4 hour drive, BOOYAH!) and find out what the heck was happening. Finally plan would be to help myself to the National Gard's armory, and I guess I'll just blow up zombies until, I dunno, they are all gone?
Well, the compound bow is a good idea for picking off zombies from a fair distance away, it would not be ideal for the fast running AAAAAHHHHGGGGG zombies. It would be good for the slow walking UUUUUGGGGGHHHH ones though. Explosive tips would be a good idea, but very dangerous to keep on your person, and lets face it, you can't survive if you blow yourself up. Arrows with torch tips would be a good alternative, since they would burn the zombies. And that may be a good plan, but I would rather lock myself in Grumpy's, which is a military surplus store downtown. It's a one stop, one trip deal, instead of running all over town, exposing yourself to the virus. A military surplus store is a great place, sleeping bags, tents, grenades (not active, but with a little work and some shrapnel), and enough freeze dried meals to last you till the end of time, it would be a better place then the armory.
Man you've got a cool surplus store, ours doesn't even have guns...
I don't think that it has guns, it might, but it has everything else.
Gas masks too, just in case the virus gets airborn.
Yah gas masks a good idea...
Did I mention the armory has tanks?
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