If the whole Instructables website goes pro, which website will you go to?

Or will you stay here? I know that most of the K'nex community would rather leave then going "Pro".
And some K'nexers might go "Pro". But then most of the other K'nexers wouldn't. So there's pretty much no reason to go "Pro". But if the whole site went "Pro". It could get rid of most of the K'nexers.
(Not that that's a good thing. in my opinion)

So, where would you go? KI, KA, or just stay here?

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floris2burn7 years ago
it'd completely rely on KF
and maybe check out SSC more often
An Villain7 years ago
i would get a KI account and go pro.
DJ Radio8 years ago
It doesnt matter, Im gonna stay here even if that means im the last knexer left on here.
You won't be alone.
no he won't.
that was like 6 months ago when I said that.
So?? The point is still true.
I bet i stay longer than you can :P
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