If you Need Help with your English Instructable - I'll Help Edit & Fix it Up

Hi Everyone!
I love that Instructables reaches the global community and love seeing creations from people all over the world. But, I know sometimes people have issues and struggles with writing, if English isn't their first language. I just wanted to offer some free help.

If you need some quick editing and fixing up - just send me a message or post on here - and I'll happily do it as long as time permits. I used to be a journalist - and enjoy writing/editing and have helped people with papers and resumes in the past. So, just let me know if you need a little help!


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Erivelton1 year ago

Hy Holly. You can make a little revision on my instructable? http://www.instructables.com/id/AT-ATrinket-a-Star-Wars-Trinket-Box/

zkeršič2 years ago

I need a little help.

Send to text that you can edit.

Sent to you in a few days.

Please send me a message

Thank you

Hi, I know I'm not Holly, but I am willing to help you. Which Instructable would you like me to review your English on?

Send me a PM.

Ael R2 years ago


I just published my first instructable but my native language is French. Can you help me to correct my errors please ?


All remark/advices are welcomed :).

Thanks a lot, Ael

hunter999 Ael R2 years ago

Hi Ael, I just checked through your work and made some changes. I Know I'm not Holly, but I wanted to help you. I have only done the Intro so far. If you want me to check through the whole Instructable, feel free to give me a Private Message. :-) Feel free to copy and paste this:


For a friend's birthday, I decided to make her a necklace with a metallic bird pendant. I wanted to do all myself but I didn't have a lot of money to invest. I first thought about metal clay like silver or copper clay, but it wasn't as cheap as I thought. Therefore, I had to buy at less 50e of equipment (blowtorch, special brick…). I didn't have the budget for it (I’m a 17 years old student), and so thats why I chose to change technique and to create the pendant with what I had in my bedroom (which is also my workshop) : metal plates.

At the end, it cost me 15€ for the chain because I wanted a particular one, but you can just buy a necklace around 2€, and 15€ for the small metal files. I haven't before.

So this is how I made it and I hope you enjoy making it.

JM19992 years ago

http://www.instructables.com/id/THE-DOOR-STOPPER-SECRET-COMPARTMENT/ please help me with this one!

Hi JM, I noticed that the word 'you' is used often.. perhaps too often and makes the text awkward..

First of all you will need to make sure that you have permission to do this.

After that you have to make sure that no one is around otherwise it will not be secret.

Then you will need to lever the stopper off like in the picture.

When you have done all of that you will need to go to step two!

this could be rewritten as..

Ensure that you have permission to do this.

Confirm that no one is around otherwise compartment will not be secret.
You will need to lever the stopper off (see picture above).

When finished continue to the next step (2)!

Thanks! will change it now.

You're welcome.. I'm sure there's more...

There might be more, Just a quickie: check out the time of your last post and the time of my reply! that was a pure coincidence!

hunter9992 years ago

Thats very thoughtful helping others! :-)

Luc Moreau2 years ago

Thanks SpringRobin. Maybe my english is not so bad after all. It's hard to judge my own writting level. It was my first experience writting a complete text in english. What I learn from that is, because my vocabulary is not elaborate in english than in french, I use simple word and simple sentence in english. It make the explaination easier to understand.

Again, thank for taking the time to read my instructable SringRobin.

You're very welcome. Sometimes simpler is better.

SpringRobin2 years ago

Luc, is that your english? Because I think it's very good. A few issues with verb tenses though but who doesn't have problems with that. I know I do in french.. here are my suggestions below...

"Using cron, it will read the water level every minute and save the
information to a file. If the water level reaches a certain level, an
email will be sent.
This is the most important part."

"In this part, the web page reads the information from the file written by the cron job and displays an image of your pit."

"Download the zip file and uncompress it to the webfolder of your
Raspberry. I recommend creating a subfolder at the root of your www
folder. Typically, the folder path is /var/www/sumppump"

"Open the file "preference.php". All the preferences are explained in the comments.

The $levelamber and $levelred variables change the color of the led on the webpage and sends an email to the $to variable.

Be careful: If you set the $preferunit to cm, be sure to set all other measements to cm. The same thing applies in reverse cms to inches."

Luc Moreau2 years ago

Hi Holly,

I post 2 tutorial lately and my 1st language is french. So if you can take a look, it would be nice of you. In fact, anybody who as a constructive remark are welcome.


Thanks to everybody.

SpringRobin2 years ago


I would make the title very simple....

"How to make a simple acoustic door alarm"

manojkuna2 years ago
how to make functional model for thermo acoustic refrigerationWritten Report - Thermoacoustic Refrigeration: A Scale Model.
let me help .. for the same..!!
SeanDenny2 years ago
I need lots help because I want study but I nered improve my English firs. Is not so easy but I practice everyday and read the paper
shazni3 years ago
That is soooo sweet Holly! Yes .... People do need help... Infact Sometimes in translating or even using a computer :-) or getting around the site ... I help how i can with my relatives eventhough i still don't understand certain aspects of it ;-)

Keep up the good work
HollyMann (author)  shazni3 years ago
Thanks Shazni. I helped out one person with her Instructable so far. Glad she saw my post on here. :) If anyone else needs it - just let me know!
Really? Just me? I am surprised, you were such a great help!
Kiteman3 years ago
... and if HollyMann gets swamped with requests, you could ask any member of the Community Team. 
it seems a few on that list haven't been active for a while...
There should be more names soon...
I'll keep an eye out for white smoke from the chimney.
LOL - I'm in if I can wear the big pointy hat (I make the mitre look good)
HollyMann (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
Thanks so much Kiteman!
This is a great initiative Holly :). Thank you so much.
M.C. Langer3 years ago
Thanks a lot Holly!!! You are AWESOME!!! :-)
HollyMann (author)  M.C. Langer3 years ago
Thanks Mario! :)
You're welcome!