If you see tinned meat...

You may have noticed another rash of spam over the weekend. It seems "they" found a way around the filters, which the development team have not yet solved. 

Generally, if you see spam, either in the forums or as actual instructables, the best thing to do is to hit the flag button and move on. If you leave a comment, the systems that quarantine spam get slowed down, and the spam remains visible for longer than we would like.

If the spammers go beyond annoying, and actually become offensive, you should still not comment, even on their Orange Board. Instead, contact HQ via email at service@instructables.com, or PM a member of the Community Team, who can speed things up.

Instructables is a special place, and it's you folk, reading this, that help keep it that way.

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sconner13 years ago


how many different people does it take to flag something before it gets removed or at least invisible?

Kiteman (author)  thematthatter3 years ago

Just one, but it's usually not instant - it gets added to a list to be reviewed by a staff-member (that saves malicious flagging).

CT members can make things... vanish.

iceng3 years ago

They put more fat in it .... then 45 yrs ago when I enjoyed eating it from the tin :-)

It is 121.5 percent fat now.

thats the average fat content of an American too.

Must be very easy to push the fat content up there

with ample help from our politicians math-speak

I'm guessing in three or four lies ...... NO three or four Steps!

hunter9993 years ago

Yeah, I spotted some spam on a K'nex forum, and flagged. Hopefully the Community Team can resolve this filter issue.

mikeasaurus3 years ago

"flag..don't comment..move on"

Also, your topic picture makes me ill.