If you want your orangeboard to work....

You must reject all of your patches. That is right. If you get a single patch, your orangeboard will stop working. Thanks to ~~Killer~safecracker~~ knexsniper1 for this tip. Ps- my orangeboard works now. Feel free to spam the hell out of it.

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Lowney8 years ago
Admins have fixed that glitch so OBs will work now!
Obstetricians? I didn't think they were on strike...
Oh yeah very funny.
Funny? It would be scary if they went on strike!
Aw man I just deleted all my patches!!!!! Is there any way to get them back??
Dude don't give me credit. It was Knexsniper1 who figured it out.
DJ Radio (author)  Killer~SafeCracker8 years ago
Well I didn't know.
DJ Radio (author)  Killer~SafeCracker8 years ago
I have just changed it.
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