If you're standing on the Moon holding a pen, and you let go

Thought this deserved some looking at:
can you answer these questions right?

13. If you are standing on the Moon, and holding a rock, and you let it go, it will:
(a) float away
(b) float where it is
(c) move sideways
(d) fall to the ground
(e) none of the above

25. When the Apollo astronauts wre on the Moon, they did not fall off because:
(a) the Earth's gravity extends to the Moon
(b) the Moon has gravity
(c) they wore heavy boots
(d) they had safety ropes
(e) they had spiked shoes

My prediction is that most of you will get the question right, as instructables is a scientific community.

Check the link for details

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westfw8 years ago
Here's one to think about, since you've all been exposed to WRONG pictures, although you might KNOW the actual numbers... You make a SCALE model of the earth/moon system. You use one of those beach-ball earth globes for the earth, and it's 30cm in diameter. How big will the (scale) moon be, and how far away from the beach-ball does it need to be?
. Wow! I was pretty close on the size, but waaaaayyyyy off on the distance. I placed it much closer.
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kelseymh westfw8 years ago
Here's a follow up to put things even further into perspective: Once you've gotten Westfw's answer correct, where do you put the sun (i.e., how far away), and how big should you make it?
Next you'll want me to put Pluto in there...oh wait it's not a planet anymore, so it's all good.
Poor Pluto :(
flio191 (author)  Sunbanks8 years ago
Pluto was never a planet!
I go the other way - I start with a beachball as the Sun, then 50m away I hold a dried pea to be the Earth, and 4cm from that I hold a mustard seed as the Moon.
True! If I were building a solar-system model I'd always start with the Sun and work outward. However, given Westfw's original question, I wanted to put things into that perspective.
kelseymh westfw8 years ago
Oh, and the answer to that question -- use a softball, and put it 1/3 of the way to first base (assuming the Earth is at home place).
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