I'll Be A Frogy's Uncle!

Yes, you read the title properly.

No, I have not crossbred Homo sapiens with ''Hyla cinerea''.

Not yet anyway...

Anyway, my pair of American Tree Frog I rescued from a dumpster have laid eggs!
Can't wait for them hatch, shall keep you guys up-to-date, I just saw the eggs this morning (2/4/08), they were making quite a ruckus last night.

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Ugh! They were *turnsred*... pebbles... egg shaped pebbles... *hidesinfridgefromshame*

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KentsOkay (author) 9 years ago
Ugh! They were *turnsred*... pebbles... egg shaped pebbles... *hidesinfridgefromshame*
How did they get up on that stick then? You're going to suffocate in the fridge...If you do can I have your frogs?
Frogs with an evil sense of humour ... scary!
Oh my yes! What will they do next?
Drawing smiley faces in the condensation on the glass?

Just as long as they don't starting writing formulae...
hmm, wait until they start drawing Swastika on the glass
I think we're safe there - that frog doesn't exactly look Aryan, does it?

Hurrah for the preview mode - the frogs nearly came out knitted
I don't know, if it sheds it's skin it might reveal that it is really blond haired and blue eyed LOL
Or maybe they'll start taking the lid off their aquarium and hiding.
Or leaving small stones in unusual places and sneaking back into the tank before you wake.
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