I'll subscribe 2 u if you subscribe 2 me!!!

you dont have to leave a comment(but you can if you want) just subscribe 2 me and i'll subscribe to you!!

however i will not subscribe if you post anything inapropriate or with exessive cursing

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TSC7 years ago
I Subscribe to you so Subscribe to me!! ok  I like the instructable that you did on the scooter!!
As a rule I don't subscribe to anyone, I get at few hundred emails a day as it is... Subscribing to people just to get subscribers seems a bit pointless too, subscribe to things you like instead...
It's turning into facebook. Let's hope it doesn't evolve into Myspace...
Heh.  I don't think anything could revert as far as myspace.  That's like replacing a DVD player with a Betamax.
Nice analogy.
you can turn the e-mails off,you know.
I know, but that would defeat the point of subscribing to them altogether...
 I usually subscribe to people when I want to see what they come out with when they do it (so I don't miss it).   Which is what it is for I guess....

It's not pokemon...  You shouldn't try to collect as many as you can.
i do both and this way both of us will get a new subscriber!
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